Script Injector

Inject scripts into third party SaaS web apps on your custom domains.

We’ve all had those moments when you’ve setup a SaaS web app on a custom (sub)domain and it’s just not quite right.  Maybe you want to tweak the styles, maybe sideload your main website navigation.  But the SaaS author doesn’t include the functionality to do any of this.  Well now you can.  Put CloudFlare in front of the SaaS app, load the Script Injector CloudFlare App, point it at your own custom script file to inject, enjoy 🙂

This app is currently being submitted, it’s simple and lightweight, and likely not going to pass CloudFlare’s stringent quality requirements, but it would be super handy to lots of people out there!  If the concept is sound and the only comments are on presentation, description, docs, images etc. then time can be spent improving this.  It’ll also be landing on GitHub/GitLab at some point.