LinuxMCE 10.04 Single Network Card

I did a DVD install over LinuxMCE using a mid July snapshot and for some reason it didn’t detect that I only had one network interface (nic) on my DFI Lan Party motherboard. I’ll eventually have two.. on a completely different virtualised setup, but until then, here’s the fix I had to make to get my changes to stick.

In Linux MCE Web Admin, on the botom left hand side you want to scroll down and click “Show devices tree”. Then click on “CORE”. On the right hand side scroll down to “Device Data” and find the “IPv4 Network Interfaces” section.

This will likely hold something like:


You want to change it to represent your own network conditions. I already have a router for external Internet access which is at, so I made eth0 have the IP and changed the eth1 interface to a virtual eth0:0 interface as seen below:


Trouble was, I saved it, and restarted half a dozen times, and the new configuration wasn’t generating a new /etc/network/interfaces file. After some digging in the scripts I did the following:

export NPflagReconfNetwork=yes
sudo /usr/pluto/bin/

Hey presto, it persists after reboots!

This is a note for myself, and anyone else who comes across this, hope this helps.


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